Monday, March 8, 2010

Almost a Year

My Darling Sage,

Just days short of one year and my heart still aches for you. It saddens me to think of all the things you are missing and all the wonderful people who love you so...

Daddy - he is such a wonderful and giving man. He is always thinking of everyone else and his heart is broken without you.

B - your oldest brother, he is 13 now, a teenager, he is smart and has an amazing sense of humor and he finally reached his goal of growing taller than me!

S - your middle brother, he is 9, he is the one who is always making sure everyone gets their fair share, he is the shy one but is the first to come to someone elses rescue.

M - your youngest brother, he is 7 and is everywhere all the time, he gets away with alot more than your other brothers, but it usually can't be helped because of his winning smile.

and L - your sister, she is 4 she has had a hard time accepting that you won't be here with us. She likes to be reassured that you are home with God, yet when she out grows a toy she wants to put away for you. She so looked forward to you, and just doesn't yet have the understanding of the loss.

We all love you so much, and even though we have a hard time articulating it we want you to know how much you are missed, Saturday is going to be a tough day.